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Arin Toker

Growth + Product Engineer


I am actually anti-resume. I feel that resumes rarely reflect the actual experience and personality of a person. I also believe each company, product, and team introduces a new set of challenges. I think it's better to approach new opportunities with a beginners mind. Lastly, I know its only human but we tend to rationalize that people from known companies must be better than those who come from unknown companies and so therefore I have decided to not name them.




Coming Soon

I currently work on my own projects. I will be releasing more details on this shortly.


Product Manager

EdTech / Social Media

Due to my generalistic knowledge of online technology. I was primed for a role in which I worked with cross-functional teams in order to deliver a product. I would also execute certain aspects of the projects myself alongside a team.


Growth Engineer


After developing all these sites I started to get requests for growth. I deployed everything from marketing automation to SEO and everything in between. Everything was done with a data-informed mindset.




I started by doing web development projects for many companies online via freelancing sites and among my own networks. I worked mostly on WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace.

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You can download my CV in PDF format if you like.

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